Purpose of a website


When I became the Lead Pastor at Pennyroyal, I set out to identify what separates us from other churches. We have alot of things in common with other churches. For instance, a Sunday School style program, singing, greeters, offering plates, invitation, small groups, etc. Although we have all these things so do many other churches.

There are two things that Pennyroyal has that no other church on the face of the planet has:

  1. Our Sermons
  2. Our Personality

The sermon given each week is unique to us because it is given from the Holy Spirit and filtered through me. I believe that the Holy Spirit lays these sermons on my heart specifically to meet the needs of this particular congregation. The sermon and delivery are as unique to us as I am an individual and our needs are differ from those in other churches. This combination of individualized personality-filled delivery and reception separates us from any other church.

Our collective personality is unique as well. There is no other you, and you are here. Your personality, struggles, relationships, and identity make you unique and you are here which makes Pennyroyal unique!

So, we decided that the purpose of this website would be 2 fold:

  1. Spread God’s Word by making sermons preached at Pennyroyal easily accessible and sharable. The sermons are the engine that drives the church.
  2. To inform Pennyroyal Peeps and potential attenders of what we do at Pennyroyal.

Our collective personality shows through the programs we offer and the events we participate in and run. Our hope is that this website will serve as a tool you can use to spread His Word farther and faster, and to invite others to join us while simultaneously informing you about what’s going on. We look forward to your feedback because this is a partnership. Let us know how to make it better. God bless.