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  1. As a former member of PBC I was interested in what’s been happening since I left. I viewed your website and FB with some sorrow and some delight in the Lord. It saddens me to hear of so many of the truly loyal members, not only to PBC, but also to God, that have gone on to be with our Lord. They were truly God’s salt at PennyRoyal Hill and beyond its realm. It gave me a partial understanding of why the offerings had become so low. As you can possibly tell from these statements, I not only listened to the 1st sermon posted, but also the 2nd. Being a very traditional Baptist, I was a little shocked at what I saw and some of what I heard. But one thing PBC taught me was to always keep an open mind. In doing so, I must say that even my ex-husband, Rev. Wm. Carpenter, nor my son, Rev. Chris Carpenter could have preached what you said any better. I am thrilled that PBC has such a man of God leading them in the right direction in this new generation. I will continue praying for PBC and your leadership, but mostly for the sheep, who seems to be going astray or have just become complacent in this day and age. I pray that PBC will once again become “the salt” to PennyRoyal Hill and all the surrounding areas. God Bless You and Your Family as you minister and lead according to God’s Word.

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