Pastor Josh served as the Youth Leader at Pennyroyal from 2009-2011. He served as the Interim Pastor from 2011-2012. In September of 2012, Josh was called to be the Lead Pastor and has served in that capacity ever since.


Stephen has served as the worship leader since 2007. His role is to provide quality praise and worship music of the contemporary style for the enhancement of and compliment to the worship experience on Sunday mornings. Working one on one with singers and ensemble-wise with band members every week, we strive for excellence in our efforts by utilizing all of our talents here at Pennyroyal Church.


Katie has served as Transportation leader since 2007. She is responsible for picking up children for Kids Church who need a ride. She also enhances Sunday worship through the use of lyrics, moving backgrounds, and video clips for the congregation.


Josh has been the Tech Team Leader since 2014. He is responsible for support and new development to the Church website. He is also be responsible for the development of new technologies for the Church.

Jessica Schmidt

Jessica is the Heaven’s Kitchen Team Leader. Heaven’s Kitchen is a ministry that plans and provides food for fellowship meals at the church. We also visit and bring food to any members who have just had a baby, been very ill, just had a surgery, or a close family member has passed away. We take care of any funeral service’s food needs at Pennyroyal and if a member of our church has services somewhere else we take care of a meal there also. Fellowship with other Christians is vital, so we like to get together often! On holidays, in times of sorrow, joy, and celebration, Heaven’s kitchen strives to be there and share love and good food!

Kitiara Weaver

Kitiara started coming to Pennyroyal Baptist Church when she was 7 because of a family friend. She became a “van kid” who was eager to know Christ. Kitiara was saved soon after. In 2009 she recommitted to the lord and was baptized. Since then Kitiara was involved in multiple ministries until she found her calling in the Children’s Ministry.