I was saved at 8 years old at my Church’s Vacation Bible School. As I grew older, my relationship with Christ faded. I lived a “good” life, but I did not live my life for Christ. Christ came back into my life through my son, JT. He asked me to start going to Church. That is the time I decided to take my family to Pennyroyal Baptist Church (March 2013). At first, I was going through the motions and just coming to Church. In January 2014, I rededicated my life to Christ and was baptized at Pennyroyal Baptist Church.

After rededicating my life to Christ, I met with Pastor Josh to see how I could help serve the Church. He was interested in redesigning the Church’s website. As an IT Project Manager with a developer background, I knew this was my calling. I offered to build a new and exciting site for the Church. After completing the site with Pastor Josh he asked me to become the Tech Team Leader.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Franklin University. I am blessed to be married to my beautiful wife, Nicole. I also have 2 amazing children, JT and Briella.